Sonorous is as community of trusted resources designed to support, encourage, and "do life" as a business professional. 


To build and honor relationships that ultimately creates a community of trusted resources.


Sonorous is a resource center built upon the following  pillars and will provide subscribers with a plethora of trusted resources to engage with, learn from, and grow alongside:


Core 1 Training (CGT1) – Three Centers of Action & Reaction, Making the Connection

Core 2 Training (CGT2) – Effective Communicating

Core 3 Training (CGT3) – Conversation Openers and Closers That Drive You to the “Next Step”

You will have the opportunity to connect with previous Sonorous Channel Partners who can attend Core Group Trainings to make connections with you and other new members to further build relationships, as well as refresh their skills

Sonorous Subscription

$35 / month

which includes the 3 Core Group Trainings & several "Free Flow" Events that occur within the month

Jacksons Restaurant @ Southpointe

1000 Corporate Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317


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